Payment Management

CashWire Payment Management System


Consolidate payments, streamline processing, increase security, and reduce risk.

Improve Security

Protect wire movements and security transfers against fraud and mistakes with secure workflows, authentication methods, and messaging standards.

Reduce Costs

Reduce wire request and approval time by up to 63%. Automatically net transactions to save on wire and security transfer processing costs.

Increase Efficiency

Streamline workflows and consolidate wire and security transfers within a single payment hub, eliminating the need for bank portals and paper approvals.

Consolidate. Streamline. Secure.

Payment management, the critical process of creating and processing cash payments, continues to be a source of frustration for investment managers. The wire process is often tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming; requiring manual input to satisfy the demands of various brokers and custodians, each with their own set of formats and requirements.

At first glance, automation via proprietary gateways can appear to be a cost effective solution, but as the number of brokers continues to grow, so does the overhead. According to the SWIFT association, each proprietary gateway costs investment managers an average of $35,000 in maintenance each year.

CashWire Payment Management System offers a true straight through processing (STP) alternative to existing manual processes and proprietary broker or custodian portals. CashWire consolidates payment processing across multiple brokers into a centralized payment hub, allowing users to create, approve, and execute payments swiftly and securely from a single dashboard.

With CashWire’s centralized and secure payment processing, investment managers can realize payment automation with straight through processing, industry leading security controls and reduced operating costs.

Transferring securities manually is a precarious and time-consuming process. The SEC closely scrutinizes security transfers and there is little room for error. Hedge funds would like to transfer securities to optimize their holdings, but the manual process often presents too high of an operational barrier.

The CashWire Security Transfer Module centralizes and secures security transfers, achieving security transfer automation with straight-through processing, industry leading security controls, and reduced operating costs. Using the same tools available in CashWire’s cash payment system, the Security Transfer Module consolidates the security transfer process from request to execution.

With the CashWire Security Transfer Module, hedge funds can better manage counterparty risk and secure the best rates for securities lending and collateral.

CashWire Payment Management Software Benefits

Enhance Security
  • Protect transactions with secure two factor authentication and encryption methods
  • Strict workflows and user entitlements provide oversight and accountability
Improve Efficiency
  • Automatically create wires based on portfolio accounting system transactions
  • Enjoy end-to-end straight-through processing using the SWIFT financial messaging network
Simplify Wire Processing
  • A single consolidated payment hub with consistent workflows across all accounts
  • Eliminate the need for paper LOAs and bank payment portals
Save Time & Money
  • Reduce the time it takes to collect signatures and execute wires
  • Automatically net wire transactions and save on wire fees
Robust Reporting and Audit Trails
  • Create robust reports using a unified database of all wire transactions
  • Track activity with detailed audit trails and audit reports

CashWire is trusted by the world’s largest hedge funds to move over $126B each year. See it for yourself.

CashWire + SWIFT

Use the industry’s most secure financial messaging platform with the world’s most secure financial messaging network.

Cash Payments

SWIFT Enabled

Security Tranfers

CashWire Payment Management Software Features

Workflow & Approval

Custom approval workflows with transparent work queues. Drive workflow paths based on department, dollar thresholds, or wire types.

Two Factor Authentication

Require tokens (RSA, Duo) to verify authenticity at log in or before wire approval. Active Directory integration also available.



Protect payments with at rest and in transit encryption. Cryptographic digital signatures also supported.

Leading Support

Enjoy world class support by application experts located in our NYC office.

Cash Movements

Consolidated payment hub that supports cash movements via SWIFT, ACH, SFTP, or LOA.

Wire Creation

Create wires one at a time or en mass using wire templates. Upload wires in bulk with Excel spreadsheets.

SWIFT Enabled

Send cash and securities via SWIFT, the world’s most secure financial messaging network.


Notifications & Alerts

Scheduled or real-time notifications alert users to wires requiring approval, rejected wires, and more.


Security Transfers

Security Transfer support for DTCC and Euroclear free deliver/free receive and DVP/RFP.


Integrate with portfolio management systems (ex. Geneva, VPM) to automatically create wires based on upstream transactions.


Centralized reporting across wires, standing instructions, vendors, funds, and more. Form 1099 support included.



Each user interaction is tracked and logged to support detailed audit reporting.

“CashWire is stable, robust, and works well”

Managing Director of Operations, Top 200 Fund of Funds

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