Payment Management

CashWire Payment Management System

All of your wires. All in one place.

A centralized payment hub that streamlines processing, strengthens security, and reduces risk.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce wire processing time by up to 63%. Streamline workflows by consolidating wire and security transfer processing in a single dashboard.

Strengthen Security

Prevent errors and fraud. Protect wire movements and security transfers with secure workflows, multifactor authentication, and strong encryption.

Reduce Costs

Save money moving money. Automatic netting aggregates transactions to save on wire and security transfer fees.

Consolidate. Streamline. Secure.

Payment processing continues to be a source of frustration for investment managers. Manual or fragmented wire processing is tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming. Paper wire approvals are susceptible to fraud. Bank portals offer a solution, but as the number of banks increases so too does the number of bank portals, workflows, and key fobs. Managing cash across a dozen proprietary portals is neither practical nor efficient.

IntegriDATA CashWire consolidates payment processing in a single secure payment hub. Centralize wire processing with CashWire to increase efficiency, improve security, and reduce cost.

Manual transferring securities is time-consuming. Hedge funds want to optimize their holdings, but the manual process often takes too much time to be worthwhile.

The CashWire Security Transfer Module automates security transfers with the same tools available for cash wires. Expedite security transfers with the CashWire Security Transfer Module to increase efficiency, improve security, and reduce cost.

Payment Risk White Paper

Payment processing is one of your most sensitive operations. Learn about payment processing risks and how to protect against them. Read now.

CashWire Payment Management Software Benefits

Strengthen Security
  • Protect transactions with two-factor authentication and the strongest encryption standards.
  • Enforce workflows with strict security controls that provide oversight and accountability.
Improve Efficiency
  • Streamline wire processing by automatically creating wires from source accounting system transactions.
  • Enjoy roundtrip straight-through processing with the SWIFT financial messaging network.
Simplify Processing
  • Consolidate wire processing in a universal payment hub with consistent workflows across all accounts.
  • Eliminate cumbersome and fragmented paper, Excel, and bank portal wire processes.
Save Time and Money
  • Create wires automatically and approve across all your accounts – all at once.
  • Automatically net wire transactions and save on wire fees.
Enhance Reporting
  • Instantly create reports that include wire activity across all accounts.
  • Easily access detailed wire creation and approval audit trails.

CashWire is SWIFT Ready

Use the industry’s most secure financial messaging platform with the world’s most secure financial messaging network.

Cash Payments

SWIFT Enabled

Security Transfers

CashWire Security Controls White Paper

CashWire is trusted by the world’s largest alternative investment managers to move trillions of dollars. Learn why.

CashWire Payment Management Software Features

Cash Movements

Unified payment hub that supports cash movements via SWIFT, ACH, SFTP, or secure PDF.


Wire Creation

Create wires in-system, in bulk upload, or automatically with a source accounting system integration.



Protect payment data at rest and in transit with industry-leading encryption standards.



Each system interaction is logged in detail for robust audit reporting.

Leading Support

Enjoy the industry’s best support provided by subject matter experts based out of NYC.

Workflow and Approval

Advanced custom approval workflows and transparent work queues. Drive workflow based on department, dollar threshold, account, or wire type.


Integrate with accounting systems (ex. Geneva, VPM) to automatically create wires from source transactions.

Two Factor Authentication

Require 2FA (ex. Duo, RSA) at sign-on or at wire approval. Active Directory SSO is also available.


Security Transfers

Security Transfer support for DTCC and Euroclear free deliver/free receive and DVP/RVP.


Notifications & Alerts

Scheduled or real-time notifications alert users to pending wires, rejected wires, and more.


Account Management

Centrally and securely managed bank accounts and account relationships.

Cash Balances

Track cash balances across all accounts in real-time as wires are processed.

Digital Signatures

Integrate with digital signature providers (ex. DocuSign) for signature encryption, tamper detection, and verification.

SWIFT Enabled

Send cash and securities via SWIFT, the world’s most secure financial messaging network.


Unified wire and standing instruction reporting across all accounts. Form 1099 reporting also included.

“[With CashWire], what used to take four days now takes twenty minutes”

Treasury Director, Leading Alternative Investment Firm

Cashwire Screenshot

A secure payment hub for alternative asset managers.

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