Security Transfer Management

CashWire Security Transfer Module

CashWire Security Transfer Module

Streamline security transfer processing, increase security, and reduce risk.

CashWire Security Transfer Module Overview

Transferring securities manually is a precarious and time-consuming process. The SEC closely scrutinizes security transfers and there is little room for error. Hedge funds would like to transfer securities to optimize their holdings, but the manual process often presents too high of an operational barrier.

The Security Transfer Module centralizes and secures security transfers, achieving security transfer automation with straight-through processing, industry-leading security controls, and reduced operating costs. Using the same tools available in CashWire’s cash payment system, the Security Transfer Module consolidates the security transfer process from request to execution.

With the CashWire Security Transfer Module, hedge funds can better manage counterparty risk and secure the best rates for securities lending and collateral.

CashWire Security Transfer Module Features

Core Features
  • Security transfer automation from request to execution
  • Industry leading security controls
  • Support for DTCC and Euroclear free deliver/free receive and DVP/RVP
Other Features
  • Security transfer messaging via email, Secure FTP or SWIFT (MT540, MT541, MT542, MT543)
  • Create security transfers individually or in batches from the UI or with an Excel upload template
  • Two Factor Authentication (e.g. Duo, Okta) for login and approval
  • Message encryption and encrypted digital signatures
  • Advanced reporting and auditing
  • Client customizable workflows
  • First class support