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Allocate Expenses. Instantly.

Everything private equity and hedge funds need to collect, approve, and allocate expenses to ensure regulatory compliance.

Improve Accuracy

Get al­lo­ca­tions right, every time. Au­to­mat­i­cally cal­cu­late and ap­ply shar­ing per­cent­ages only to funds el­i­gi­ble to take an ex­pense. Con­sol­i­date ac­counts payable firmwide and en­joy easy ac­cess to pre­cise ex­pense re­port­ing.

Increase Efficiency

Ex­pense al­lo­ca­tion used to take hours; now it takes sec­onds. EAS al­lo­cates in­stantly and in­te­grates with your ac­count­ing sys­tems to au­to­mat­i­cally book ex­penses to the gen­eral ledger, speed­ing up pay­ment pro­cess­ing and man­age­ment com­pany re­im­burse­ment.

Ensure Compliance

Pre­vent mis­al­lo­ca­tion penal­ties. Use EAS to au­to­mate al­lo­ca­tion pol­icy and en­sure ex­penses are al­ways al­lo­cated ac­cord­ing to fund agree­ments and dis­clo­sures.

Accurate. Efficient. Compliant.

The manual process for allocating expenses across funds is notoriously convoluted and opaque. Complicated Excel-based allocations often contain hidden mistakes due to a lack of controls. Allocation mistakes put asset managers at risk for reimbursement delays or misallocations. Millions in misallocation penalties have confirmed these issues industrywide, prompting the SEC to make expense allocation an investigative priority.

IntegriDATA Expense Allocation System (EAS) brings control, consistency, and precision to expense allocation. Automatically allocate expenses with EAS to improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.

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EAS is used by leading private equity and hedge fund managers to service over $906B AUM. Find out why.

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EAS Expense Allocation Software Benefits

Ensure Compliance

  • Add transparency, control, and oversight to the expense allocation process.
  • Ensure allocations are performed according to fund agreements, fiduciary duty, and SEC expectations.

Strengthen Controls

  • Centralize management and approval of invoices, vendors, and allocation rules.
  • Enforce control with user roles and approval workflows.

Increase Efficiency

  • Automate the expense allocation process and perform complex allocations with a single click.
  • Improve productivity and reduce waste in accounting, compliance, and accounts payable.

Improve Accuracy

  • Apply allocation policy programmatically and eliminate misallocations.
  • Automate allocation processing and minimize the risk of human error.

Enhance Reporting

  • Instantly generate reports for management or compliance with a firmwide view of expenses.
  • Easily access detailed allocation and accounts payable audit trails.

EAS offers Accounts Payable, T&E, and Time Tracking features so you can consolidate expense management in one place.

Accounts Payable

AP automation designed for private equity and hedge fund managers that automatically captures invoices and extracts data.

Travel & Expense

Capture, approve, and allocate T&E expenses with EAS. Already have a T&E system? Integrate with EAS for automatic allocations.

Time Tracking

Track employee time to allocate compensation or other services using time as an allocation metric.

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A New York alternative asset manager improved expense allocation accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with IntegriDATA EAS. Learn how.

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EAS Expense Allocation Software Features

Automated Allocation

Automatic allocation processing for every allocation method, including fixed, dynamic, direct, and multi-level.

Sharing Percentage Calculations

Dynamically calculate and apply sharing percentages using AUM, NAV, or any other metric.

Invoice & Receipt Capture

Automatically capture emailed invoices and receipts for easy management and approval.

Intelligent Invoice OCR

Automatically scan invoices, extract key data, and load extracted details into EAS.

Smart Workflows

Dynamic approval workflows tailored to your exact needs. On the go? Easily approve by email.

Allocation Intelligence™

Expense allocation decision making for large enterprise private equity and hedge fund managers.

Digital Fund Agreements

Digitize fund expense policy and ensure allocations are always made according to fund agreements.

Vendor Management

Never miss another renewal. Manage vendors, services, and agreements with alerts for expirations, renewals, and more.


Consolidate expenses firmwide, visualize data, and rapidly identify expense patterns.

Deal Allocations & Reallocations

Allocate expenses to deals and instantly reallocate when deals close or break.

Soft Dollar

Track balances, allocate, and pay expenses using soft dollars.

Fund Billing & Reimbursement

Automatically create and send fund invoices to expedite the reimbursement process.


Track every allocation and user action for robust audit reporting.

Leading Support

Enjoy the industry’s best support provided by subject matter experts based out of NYC.


Integrate with accounting and expense systems to collect expenses, pull metrics, and post journal entries for true straight-through processing.

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Available as a client or IntegriDATA-hosted solution. IntegriDATA EAS Cloud is powered by AWS and is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

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EAS is used by private equity and hedge fund managers to increase efficiency and ensure compliance. See why.

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