Expense Allocation

EAS Expense Allocation System


Everything you need to collect, approve, and allocate expenses to ensure regulatory compliance.

Improve Accuracy

Get it right, every time. Automatically calculate and apply sharing percentages only to funds eligible to take the expense. Consolidate accounts payable firm-wide and enjoy easy access to precise expense reporting.

Increase Efficiency

What used to take hours, now takes seconds. EAS integrates with your accounting system to instantly allocate and book expenses, speeding up payment processing and management company reimbursement.

Ensure Compliance

Protect against penalties. Automate allocation policy decisions and ensure expenses are always allocated according to fund LPAs.

Transparent. Efficient. Accurate.

The existing process for allocating expenses across entities is notoriously convoluted and opaque. Manual allocations – typically done in nested Excel workbooks – are overly complex, lack standardized controls, and are potentially fraught with inaccuracies.

Without transparency and clear oversight into the allocation process, firms run the risk of having reimbursements fall through the cracks or inadvertently misallocating expenses. Examinations initiated by Dodd-Frank have confirmed these issues industry wide. As a result, the SEC has explicitly stated that expense allocation is an investigative priority.

IntegriDATA Expense Allocation System (EAS) brings control, consistency and precision to expense allocation through centralization and straight through processing. Using EAS, accounting and compliance can be confident expenses are allocated timely and accurately each and every time.

EAS Expense Allocation Software Benefits

Enhance Security & Ensure Compliance
  • Add transparency and oversight to the expense allocation process
  • Ensure allocations are performed according to fund offering documents, fiduciary duty, and SEC expectations
Strengthen Internal Controls
  • Centralize management and approval of invoices, vendors, and allocation rules
  • Gain oversight and control with user entitlements, workflows, and transparent work queues
Improve Efficiency
  • Automate the expense allocation process and perform complex, multi-level allocations with a click
  • Improve productivity and reduce waste in accounting, compliance, and accounts payable


Increase Accuracy
  • Centrally manage expense allocation rules and ensure compliance with allocation policy
  • Minimize the chance for human error with automated allocations
Enhance Reporting and Audit Trails
  • Easily generate reports for management or compliance with a firm-wide view of expenses
  • Quick access to detailed audit trails by user, fund, vendor, invoice and more

EAS is used by leading private equity and hedge fund managers to service over $457B AUM. See it for yourself.

More than just allocation.

EAS offers accounts payable and T&E management modules so you can consolidate expenses all in one place.

Expense Allocation

Accounts Payable

T&E Expense Reports

EAS Expense Allocation Software Features

Automated Allocation

Advanced allocation rules to support every allocation method, including fixed, dynamic, direct, and multi-level.

Sharing Percentages

Automatically determine dynamic sharing percentage calculations at the click of a button.

Fund Eligibility

Centralize fund eligibility rules to ensure allocations are made according to LPAs.

Leading Support

Enjoy world class support by certified application experts located in our NYC office.

Invoice Workflow & Approval

End-to-end custom invoice approval workflows with transparent work queues.

Vendor Management

Store and manage vendors details, agreements, and contracts. Set up alerts for expirations, renewals, and budgets.


Integrate with leading general ledger systems to pull allocation values (ex. AUM) and post journal entries for true straight-through processing. Learn More.

Budgets & Accruals

Allocate budgets and compare budgeted vs actual expenses. True-up or adjust as needed.

Travel & Expense

Manage T&E with full workflow and approval. Upload corporate card statements or capture receipts via email.

Invoice & Receipt Capture

Automatically capture invoices and receipts sent by email.


Consolidate expenses and generate detailed reports on spending firm-wide.



Every allocation and user interaction is tracked to support detailed audit reporting.

“[EAS] is the solution we’ve been waiting for”

CFO, Top 20 Private Equity Firm

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