Collateral Management

CAARS™ Collateral Management System

CAARS Collateral Management System

Automated Collateral Management

Automate your collateral management process for optimal transparency and efficiency.

Increase Efficiency

Re­duce col­lat­eral man­age­ment time by up to 87%. Stream­line pro­cess­ing with au­to­mated data col­lec­tion, rec­on­cil­i­a­tion, and mar­gin call man­age­ment.

Improve Transparency

Know your col­lat­eral bal­ances and in­ven­tory in real time. Con­sol­i­date col­lat­eral data across all coun­ter­par­ties and de­riv­a­tive prod­ucts in a sin­gle col­lat­eral ac­tion cen­ter.

Optimize Assets

In­stantly iden­tify and act on over and un­der-col­lat­er­al­ized po­si­tions. Quickly meet or dis­pute calls, or re­call and re­de­ploy ex­cess col­lat­eral to min­i­mize coun­ter­party risk and max­i­mize re­turns.

Reconcile. Execute. Optimize.

The demand for quality collateral and frequency of margin calls continues to grow. Manual processes can’t keep pace with regulation, let alone meet stakeholder expectations of transparency and performance.

IntegriDATA CAARS Collateral Management System reduces collateral processing time by up to 87%, enabling treasury to focus less on meeting margin calls and more on optimization. Automate collateral with CAARS to increase efficiency, improve transparency, and optimize assets.

Collateral Automation Case Study

A New York hedge fund automated collateral processing and reduced collateral management time by 87%. Learn how.

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CAARS Collateral Management Software Benefits

Improve Efficiency

  • Automatically collect and reconcile internal vs. counterparty records, easily identify and initiate returns, and quickly dispatch margin calls.
  • Reduce the time spent managing collateral by up to 87%.

Increase Transparency

  • Consolidate collateral across counterparties and products to quickly identify under and over-collateralized positions.
  • Centrally manage collateral agreements, track inventory, and automatically determine collateral eligibility

Strengthen Controls

  • Manage collateral with customized workflows that provide oversight, accountability, and auditability.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the chance for human error.

Maximize Throughput

  • Instantly dispatch margin calls and returns and track their progress through resolution.
  • Spend less time meeting margin calls and more time optimizing collateral.

Optimize Collateral

  • Optimize collateralized assets and redeploy idle collateral to increase returns.
  • Continuously monitor and manage counterparty exposure and reduce risk.

Reduce collateral processing time by up to 87%, know collateral balances in real time, and optimize margin to reduce counterparty risk and improve returns.

Data Collection and Reconciliation

Automatically collect, normalize, and reconcile collateral data across counterparties.

Call and Return Management

Meet margin calls, request returns, and manage collateral communications in one place.

Independent Margin Calculation

Independently calculate margin requirements to compare against and dispute counterparty margin calls.

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Increase efficiency, improve transparency, optimize assets. Learn more.

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CAARS Collateral Management Software Features

Product Type Support

Centrally manage all collateralized products, including ISDA, OTC, Repo, Prime Broker, and Futures; with support for cleared, bilateral, and tri-party agreements.

Agreement Management

Store collateral agreements for easy reference. Digitize agreement terms to automatically calculate collateral eligibility, minimum transfer amounts, and more.

Inventory Management

Achieve transparency with a firmwide view of all collateral inventory. Globally track intraday collateral use, availability, eligibility, and exposure.

Workflow & Approval

Advanced custom workflows and transparent work queues. Drive workflow based on product type, department, account, or dollar threshold.


Consolidated collateral reporting across all counterparties, products, and accounts.

Leading Support

Enjoy the industry’s best support provided by subject matter experts based out of NYC.

Notifications & Alerts

Scheduled or real-time notifications alert users to pending calls, excess collateral, and more.


Integrate with internal accounting systems (e.g. Geneva, VPM) to pull balances and post journal entries. Connect CAARS to IntegriDATA CashWire to automatically generate collateral transactions.

“Collateral management used to take hours. With CAARS, it’s done in as little as ten minutes.”

Hedge Fund Operations Analyst


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Increase efficiency, improve transparency, optimize assets. Learn more in the brochure.

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CAARS can reduce collateral management time by up to 87%. See how.

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