Money Market Management

CashWire Money Market Module

CashWire Money Market Module

Consolidate payment, cash, and money market management.

CashWire Money Market Module Overview

The Money Market Module consolidates treasury workflows by adding short-term liquidity optimization to the CashWire payment and cash management platform. Use the Money Market Module to seamlessly invest excess cash in money market funds to increase yield and diversify holdings. Straight-through processing with the industry’s leading money market trading platform provides easy access to a broad selection of money market providers and funds.

  • Invest in money market funds from CashWire — seamlessly subscribe, redeem, track rates, and positions.
  • Centrally manage global liquidity and cash from one dashboard.
  • Powered by a seamless integration with the industry’s leading money market trading platform.
Increase Yield
  • Increase yields over prime brokerage sweep accounts
  • Effortlessly earn a higher rate of return
Diversify Holdings
  • Diversify cash holdings across a variety of money market funds
  • Select from a broad list of fund providers
Seamless Workflow
  • Consolidate cash and liquidity views
  • Manage cash, payments, and money markets on the same platform