Mission Accomplished! Or Is It Ever?

Mitch Schulman
December 1, 2010

Many of us have heard the phrase “mission accomplished” well before George W. Bush truly made it famous. Prior to the 43rd President of the US uttering these words after landing on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003 to hastily declare the end of major combat operations in Iraq, it stood for starting and finishing a challenging job or project. But since “Dubya” stated it on that fateful day, it has taken on a whole new meaning. It now symbolizes having unrealistic goals and perceptions as to the effort required to complete a job; declaring a premature victory when in reality you are just entering the beginning of a long battle.We thought this would be an appropriate theme for this issue of IntegriNEWS, where we discuss the Dodd-Frank derivatives reform, where the work is just beginning. We also report on general investment adviser reform that will require many more investment advisers (including private equity firms) to register with the SEC. The final article discusses the linkage between corporate culture and having a highly effective Operational Infrastructure. In each of these instances, it’s a long and hard road before victory can be declared, if ever – we are far from “mission accomplished”!

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