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IntegriDATA Announces Major Upgrade to Collateral Management System

Major upgrade to IntegriDATA CAARS Collateral Management System features support for non-cash/securities collateral, a new “what-if” simulator, real time collateral tracking & more

October 29, 2014

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — IntegriDATA, a financial technology consulting firm and software vendor, introduced today a new version of CAARS, its groundbreaking collateral management system for real-time collateral tracking, reconciliation and management. With a streamlined user interface and an entirely new collateral processing engine, the upgraded CAARS also introduces many other new features, including support for non-cash/securities collateral, “what-if” analysis, dynamic haircut rules, a security master file and an integrated file collection and parsing engine.

“Some of the most respected hedge funds in the industry trust CAARS to track and manage their collateral,” said Mitch Schulman, Chief Executive Officer of IntegriDATA. “With CAARS’ upgraded interface and engine, we’ve provided investment managers with significantly expanded capabilities to actively manage their collateral while increasing speed, reducing costs and lessening risk.”

“We’re very excited to announce this new version of CAARS. We’ve improved on our existing system and added a host of new features. Improvements like straight-through processing for non-cash collateral, “what-if” simulation and a new centralized dashboard really set CAARS apart as the premier collateral management solution.” said Mohamed Trabelsi, Chief Technology Officer of IntegriDATA.

In recent years, the demand for collateral has grown exponentially. Since the recession, a decrease in counterparty tolerance for risk and the implementation of new regulations, such as Dodd-Frank and Basel III, have combined to push collateral into the forefront of responsible risk management.

The increase in collateral demand has created a squeeze on firms ill-equipped to handle large volumes of collateral transactions. In many cases, existing collateral management procedures are Excel-based, requiring manual data entry that is both time consuming and error prone.

Realizing the industry need for a solution to inefficient manual processes, IntegriDATA developed CAARS Collateral Management System, a SaaS offering to consolidate and streamline collateral management with true straight-through processing from data collection to movement execution.

New features of CAARS include:

  • Support for non-cash/securities collateral
  • Dynamic haircut rules and security master file
  • Integrated file collection and parsing engine
  • Consolidated collateral dashboard and custom workflows
  • “What-if” collateral simulation tool

IntegriDATA CAARS supports multiple currencies and asset types.

Investment activities supported by CAARS:

  • Derivatives (Bilateral ISDA, centrally cleared)
  • Prime Broker
  • Mortgage TBAs
  • Repo agreements

About IntegriDATA

IntegriDATA is a financial technology consulting and software development company dedicated to helping the investment management industry improve operational efficiency and reduce risk. Founded in 2002 by financial industry experts, IntegriDATA is a boutique firm specializing in collateral management, payment automation and financial services infrastructure consulting. IntegriDATA clients include hedge funds, fund administrators, private equity, institutional investors and mutual funds. IntegriDATA software helps the investment management industry service over $200B AUM.