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Alternative Investing Funds – Winter

Alternative Investing Funds – Winter Feature
December 4, 2023
New York City

The Catalyst Cap Intro ‘Alternative Investing Funds’ is a cross-strategies alt assets event. The event is investor driven and transactional in scope, hosting investment managers and institutional grade investors for Catalyst’s uniquely styled cap intro event packed with presentations, structured meetings, and networking.

This winter 2023 Catalyst Cap Intro Event focuses on liquid or semi-liquid alt strategies, including: L/S equity & Long-only, Credit & Fixed income, Event driven, Quant & Options, Currencies, Macro & CTAs, Emerging markets, Distressed, Commodities & Energy, Crypto, Real estate, and more.

The event will discuss current drivers and potential risks in the investing markets. All this means opportunities for savvy investment managers.

Participants are given access to a dedicated online Catalyst Event Portal, where the agenda, meetings schedule with contact info, participants list and other info are available. The event is exclusive with around 30-40 participants in a controlled environment, with a 1:2 manager to investor ratio.