CashWire Payment Management System

Streamline and simplify payment processing, reduce risk and save time

Payment management, the critical process of creating and processing cash payments, continues to be a source of frustration for investment managers. The wire process is often tedious, error-prone and time-consuming, requiring manual input to satisfy the demands of various brokers and custodians, each with their own set of formats and requirements.

At first glance, automation via proprietary gateways can appear to be a cost effective solution, however as the number of brokers continues to grow, so does the overhead. According to the SWIFT association, each proprietary gateway costs investment managers an average of $35,000 in maintenance each year.

CashWire Payment Management System offers a true straight through processing (STP) alternative to existing manual processes and proprietary broker or custodian portals. CashWire consolidates payment processing across multiple brokers into a centralized payment hub, allowing users to create, approve and execute payments swiftly and securely from a single dashboard.

With CashWire’s centralized and secure payment processing, investment managers can realize payment automation with straight through processing, industry leading security controls and reduced operating costs.


CashWire Payment Management System Product Highlights

Reduced Processing Costs

Improved Security and Risk Controls

Straight Through Processing

SWIFT Reliability and Security (Optional)

Intuitive Dashboards and Workflows

Advanced Reporting and Archiving

Flexible and System Agnostic

Rapid Implementation

Flat Rate Pricing


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CashWire Payment Management System