Application Design, Development & Support

Proprietary Application Development

This is the custom design and build of solutions to automate workflow and processes that are not handled by third party systems – after requirements are defined. IntegriDATA will utilize SDLC to design/build a data model, screens/GUI, reports, and other application functionality and ensure a complete user acceptance test is executed.

Interface Design and Development

IntegriDATA will perform an analysis of the data requirements, data source/location and any transformation needed. Then the development includes writing the source system data extract, coding any necessary data validation and failure safeguards, creating the destination system upload template and automating the processes to run the interface.

Reporting Solutions

End user reports are analyzed to determine the required data elements and calculations. A data model will then be built incorporating the historical data storage needs. The reporting engine will provide for a series of standard and ad hoc data views.

Third Party System Implementation and Customization

Managing the overall aspects of the implementation, which includes project management, coordinating with client personnel; managing the software vendor, influencing the overall design and configuration of the system and interfaces, converting data, and testing and deploying the system.

Third Party System Production Support

IntegriDATA provides expert support for PORTIA, Investran, STaARS and VPM including system maintenance, batch cycle monitoring, upgrades, report writing, periodic high-volume data loading, and interfaces into and out of the system.

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