Financial Technology Consulting

Do your due diligence. Take control of your operational infrastructure.

Financial Technology Overview

The investment management industry is in a period of pivotal change. Regulators have mandated unprecedented levels of transparency and clients increasingly demand first-rate reporting in real-time. To remain competitive, investment managers need an operational infrastructure capable of meeting these demands.

As money migrates towards funds with higher standards of due diligence, operations has emerged as a core competitive differentiator. Realizing this, market leaders are upgrading their operational infrastructure to improve risk controls and attract new investors.

IntegriDATA has been helping investment managers improve their operational infrastructure for over a decade. With IntegriDATA consulting services, investment managers can increase operational efficiency, enhance throughput, and reduce risk.

Financial Technology Consulting Services

Co2RE Operational Infrastructure Review

Best practice assessment of the operational infrastructure from a process, technology, people and data perspective. IntegriDATA evaluates and identifies opportunities for improvement in meeting compliance, cost reduction, risk mitigation and effectiveness. The end result is a comprehensive report containing detailed analysis, a set of tactical and strategic recommendations, a roadmap for change and a detailed action plan.

Investran Consulting & Support Services

Through system optimization and enhancement, Investran and related business procedures can be improved to meet today’s challenges. The elimination of cumbersome Excel-based workarounds and the implementation of standard, efficient work flows can save time, diminish costs and reduce risk.

Application Design and Development

Custom application design and development to automate business functions not served by off-the-shelf solutions.

Data Interface Design and Development

Architecture and development of custom data interfaces, including data transformation, validation and automated delivery of source system data.

Third Party System Implementation

Management of the implementation process from configuration and testing to deployment.

Third Party Application Support

On demand service, support and maintenance of third party applications, including Investran, PORTIA, VPM, and SS&C Recon.

Process Design and Optimization

Optimization of new and existing business processes to maximize control and efficiency.

Requirements Analysis

Analysis and definition of the requirements necessary to apply a technology solution to a business problem.

Reporting Solutions

Design and development of custom reports and reporting tools.

Data Analysis

Analysis and validation of existing data to ensure data integrity and accuracy. Services also include data conversion and reconciliation.

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