Co2RE Operational Infrastructure Reviews

Co2RE Operational Infrastructure Overview

IntegriDATA developed Co2RE to help investment managers tackle the challenges of their operational and technical infrastructures brought to the surface by evolving markets, investor concerns and impending regulations. IntegriDATA seeks to understand the unique challenges, goals and objectives of each client, and then customizes the review to meet their express needs.

Many investment managers are asking themselves:

  • Can our infrastructure be more cost effective?
  • Would our operations be in compliance with anticipated regulations?
  • What aspects of our business pose a high degree of risk?
  • What functionality gaps exist within our systems?
  • How can we enhance our reporting capabilities?
  • Do our accounting processes produce accurate and timely results?
Co2RE Services

The Co2RE Review consists of an enterprise wide intensive analysis and evaluation of an investment manager’s key infrastructure components: business processes; system interfaces; reports and data; and organizational design. After synthesizing the analysis, tactical and strategic recommendations are crafted. The end result is a detailed road map for change and a highly actionable plan aimed at improving:

  • Compliance
  • Cost Reduction
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Effectiveness
Key Benefits
  • Achieve Industry “Best Practices”
  • Improve profitability and competitive advantage
  • Enhance technology, operational and accounting controls
  • Mitigate operational risk and enhance scalability
  • Determine operational readiness for investor mandated control audits
  • Proposal for long term technology architecture
About Our Methodology

IntegriDATA utilizes a proprietary process methodology and toolset which have been developed over the past several years to facilitate the specific enhancements needed to the business and technology infrastructure of each client.

Through a combination of reviewing client-supplied documentation, interviews with key client personnel, process walkthroughs and detailed data analysis, each business process is evaluated and assigned a rating across the following criteria: fulfillment of requirements; scalability; risk control and data accessibility and reporting. Along with the detailed analysis performed, findings and recommendations are documented within a final written report that is presented to executive management at the conclusion of the engagement.

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