Business Process and Infrastructure Related Services

Co2RE Operational Infrastructure Review

An overall best practices assessment of the enterprise operational infrastructure from a process, technology, people, and data perspective. IntegriDATA evaluates and identifies opportunities for improvement in meeting compliance, cost reduction, risk mitigation and effectiveness. The end result is a comprehensive report containing detailed analysis, a set of tactical and strategic recommendations, a road map for change and a detailed actionable plan.

Compliance Review, Technology & Functions Outsourcing

IntegriDATA is excited to be able to offer our clients a wide selection of compliance services with our team of seasoned professionals that possess over 20 years of compliance and operations experience. This depth of experience includes the automation of compliance functions, including regulatory and client-specific rules for investment guideline monitoring and surveillance of employee personal trading. If your firm is seeking to further improve or automate its compliance processes, IntegriDATA is ready to offer deep expertise and extensive experience in system selection, implementation and enhancements.

Process Design, Improvement and Procedures

Performed for both new and existing business processes, this service rationalizes and redesigns processes to achieve the optimal level of control and efficiency.

Requirements Definition

Determination of the detailed needs associated with one or more business processes for the ultimate purpose of implementing a technology solution to meet a business need; (a prerequisite to process redesign, third party system selection or proprietary application development.)

Third Party System Selection

The identification, evaluation and selection of third party software offerings to address specific business needs. Past experience includes portfolio accounting systems, management company general ledgers, reconciliation systems, and partnership accounting systems.

Data Conversion

Typically performed in conjunction with the implementation of a technology solution (Third party or proprietary). IntegriDATA will develop automated processes and tools to validate, map, transform, load and reconcile data within the target system.

Data Assessments

A detailed analysis and evaluation of existing data utilized within enterprise-wide production business processes with the objective of assessing overall data integrity (completeness, accuracy and validity).

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