File & Data Catcher System

Many key business processes rely on data received from external sources via email. When dealing with many constituent funds, processing inbound emails requires significant effort and may be highly time consuming. Our File & Data Catcher solution is targeted at addressing all the challenges associated with daily transmission of disparate emailed data received from various sources. File & Data Catcher is a web-based application that automates the end-to-end process, from identifying emails received to extracting necessary data (from the body of an email and/or attachments), standardizing it, and feeding this data into internal systems.

The Business Challenges

  • Large number of inbound emails to be processed
  • External data in non-standard format
  • Files are transmitted as email attachments
  • Time consuming & resource intensive process to collect data

File & Data Catcher Solution

  • Capture files received through carious transmission methods: email, website download, FTP
  • Extract data from various external file formats and types: PDF, Excel, plain text, html
  • Maintain data transformation rules
  • Convert data to a standard usable format and load into a central repository
  • Generate reports, views and feed downstream system

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate manual errors and inefficiencies associated with manual entry of data
  • Streamline activities and compress time to process
  • Historical storage of data
  • Increased operational efficiency and scalability
  • Strengthen controls

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