What Makes Us Different

IntegriDATA’s clients select us for our expertise, but they also choose us because we are different from the competition. We stand apart for a number of reasons – our people, our unique approach and our passion for delivering high-value/high-quality solutions.

Real Industry Experience

We are industry experts first who became consultants. Our entire team of senior consultants worked in various long-term production roles within the investment management industry. This real experience was acquired while performing in such departments as Portfolio and Partnership Accounting, Operations, Technology, Portfolio Management, Program Management and Client Services, to name a few.

Data-Centric Approach

We have had significant success working in complex, data-intensive environments – unlocking and integrating data from multiple and disparate sources. We analyze and assess the quality and completeness of data. Through our deep industry experience, we also understand how a business process utilizes data and how critical the frequency and timeliness of the data is.

Importance of Accounting Expertise

We possess a deep understanding of accounting. Accounting data is at the foundation of all major decision-making, monitoring and reporting functions of a business. IntegriDATA’s expertise is in all major types of accounting: investment, legal entity, partnership and management company. This critical knowledge enables us to implement a wide variety of solutions to enhance business processes that depend on accounting data.

Branded Engagements Executed by “SWAT” Teams

We use “branded” engagements, to give our clients an advantage by applying accumulated knowledge toward designing/developing highly controlled and scalable repetitive processes to meet unique needs. Through blending complementary skill sets, experiences and backgrounds, we can deliver high-value solutions more efficiently and effectively for our clients.

Third Party and Proprietary Software Expertise

We recognize that every investment manager possesses a unique business model and system infrastructures are often a blend of third party and proprietary software applications. While we have significant experience selecting and implementing a variety of third party applications, we also possess deep expertise in designing and developing proprietary applications and reporting solutions.

Tactical Leads to Strategic

We understand the urgency to deliver measurable results in an aggressive time frame. We quickly build a consensus with our clients on their long-term goals and then lay out the tactical steps to achieve them. It’s critical that each deliverable be a stepping stone with immediate benefits that ultimately lead to a strategic solution.